Parliamentary debates

This dataset was created within the context of the MAPLE ERC (Consolidator Grant #682125) and aims at fulfilling its research goals. Namely, it aims at answering a bigger descriptive question with regards to the evolution of the politicization (salience and contestation) of the European Union as an issue in the public spheres of European countries before, during and after the recent Eurozone crisis. Not just if said politicization had occurred, but also how and at what pace, and what were the consequences it may have had on citizens’ vote calculus in national elections. To do that, the project collected data in six European countries: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. For each country, data were collected from three arenas: The media, legislatures but also citizens’ attitudes. This document describes the dataset collected regarding the parliaments of these countries. It is complementary to previous parliamentary text data-building efforts like the ParlSpeech datasets (V1:[3] and V2:[4]). In the following text, the data sources, variables included and a short description/summary of the data will be presented.​