Changing Societies: Legacies and Challenges – Citizenship in crisis

Changing Societies: Legacies and Challenges - Citizenship in crisis

This volume offers an interdisciplinary perspective on citizenship in a time of crisis.

The main goal of this volume is to discuss the ways in which citizenship, its exercise and our understanding of what it means to be a citizen, has evolved in the context of these events. The assumption is that the crisis, in its various dimensions, has created significant challenges to the way in which citizenship has been exercised. A second goal is, whenever relevant and possible, to take a longer-term and comparative approach. This includes prima facie the European context, which has gained additional relevance given the role of the Euro and the eu in the origins and management of the crisis, as well as the Latin American context, whose Iberian roots afford important points of transatlantic comparison. A third and related goal is to question whether 21st century economic globalisation and its financial dimension can be effectively regulated by elected forms of government, and whether the eu and other multilateral and regional organisations are supplying useful citizenship and governance to the national dimension. Due consideration will also be given to a potential trend towards a political reversal of globalisation, a closing of borders, and its implications for the concept of citizenship.

Authors: Marina Costa Lobo, Filipe Carreira da Silva and José Pedro Zúquete

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